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The Perfect Print

Bring the beauty of the night sky inside.

For the cleanest rendering of your new artwork, I've decided to print exclusively on recycled aluminum sheets with Dye-sublimation technique. What is that? Using world-renowned inks and the honed eyes of Master Printers, your artwork is first printed on a high-resolution transfer medium. It is then placed in careful registration against a coated aluminum sheet scientifically engineered for maximum image performance and longevity. Using precisely determined temperatures, calibrated machine speeds and careful attention to detail, your image along with the aluminum receiver are heated – swelling the special coating while evaporating the inks. The thirsty coating absorbs the printing dyes and hardens as it cools – locking your image into the protective barrier. Metal prints are known for their wide gamut allowing for very saturated colors.

Star-Lit Legend
40x24 $475
26x16 $300

14x8 $150

Aspen Cabin
50x33 $600
30x20 $400
15x10 $175

Lights on Loveland
20x14 $250
14x10 $175

3 Peaks Milky Way

40x26 $500
26x17 $300
14x9 $175

Clinton Reservoir
60x32 $800
30x16 $400
15x8 $150

Legend Milky Way
40x32 $500 -
20x16 $250 
14x11 $175

Lincoln Milky Way
30x22 $400
15x10 $175

Highway to Heaven
40x35 $500
24x21 $275
12x10 $150

Silverthorne by Night
50x25 $600
30x15 $400
18x9 $200

Green Mtn Panorama
50x31 $600
30x19 $400
16x10 $175

Zodiac Spires
40x32 $500
20x16 $250
14x11 $175

Sapphire Panorama
60x15 $750
30x8 $300

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