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This course can no longer be booked.

Tracker Workshop DATE TBD

Get hands on training with your star tracker

  • Ended
  • 1,000 US dollars
  • Frisco, Colorado

Service Description

You must own or rent a tracker to attend this workshop. There are 10 spots so reserve yours soon! This is a 4 day workshop and the itinerary is: Day 1 in the afternoon we will meet in Frisco for a 3 hour classroom seminar. We will be shooting this night at Loveland Pass. Day 2 this night we will be shooting at Boreas Pass right outside of Breckenridge. Day 3 the shooting location this night will be Green Mountain. Day 4 the final shoot will be announced a couple weeks before the workshop. This is a tracker astrophotography workshop, we will be teaching how to set up a tracker, how to use a tracker, how to blend a tracked shot in with the foreground, and much more. Tracking allows the user to theoretically shoot as long as they want at a specific location in space. Tracking is usually done at a very low ISO and makes for magnificent images. A tracker is a tool though and can not be used in every situation. Editing a tracked image is so much fun and is very different than any other style of astrophotography. Seeing the gases pull out of the night sky is quite an amazing experience. We will provide an editing video for our students at the end of this workshop that they can use. This will be a great introduction into deep space photography. Trackers can be very finicky and this workshop will require Justin and I to be very diligent with each student. The main goal of this workshop is for our students to successfully track an image for more than a minute. Students will learn to collect data rather than chasing compositions. Our goal is for every student to get multiple images they are happy with and we will be helping everyone the whole time. We will not be shooting, maybe just to capture video, time lapse, or group pictures but we will focus on students and helping them the whole time while they are shooting. If you are looking to purchase a tracker Justin and I recommend a Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer. Requirements: Must be over 21 (if under 21 must have parent or guardian sign contract). Must have a decent camera with manual controls. Must have at least 1 lens that is F2.8 or faster. Fast primes are recomended. Must have a good tripod that can support your tracker! Intervalometer or remote shutter release is recommended for any long exposure photography. I recommend using a wireless remote not a cable one. Also, be prepared for cold weather and possible wind. Must have your own tracker!

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